Hi, I’m Jake Kline, I’m an American living in Berlin making brass instruments and components. I particularly enjoy recreating historical instruments such as Berliner and Vienna Tubas, Martin Committee trumpets and of course the awesome Firebird trumpet.

This webpage serves as a simple platform to order parts and instruments from me – it is far from comprehensive so if you can not find something or have any questions just shoot me an email. Shipping is usually not a problem, even for large instruments. If you would like to drop by the shop please write me beforehand as I do not have regular opening hours.

On the side I host two podcasts : “the History of the Tuba” with esteemed colleague Jack Adler-McKean and “The Best Ever Brass Instrument Makers’ Podcast” with fellow craftsman in the Pfalz Mathias Wiedmann.

Also I enjoy writing about old tubas here: brassandpipes.wordpress.com

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